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LVB Strategic Negotiations & Research Group Inc.

The Team

Members of the LVB Strategic Negotiations & Research Group have both led and assisted in research, report preparation and negotiations on varied issues spanning the gamut from treaty negotiations to the "shrinking" of reserve boundaries. We research the issue, prepare reports — both succinct memos and detailed reports — and identify and contact all relevant parties to arrange meetings when and where required. We have worked throughout Canada and at times in the US. The issues are the same.

An important component in resolving any issue is conducting information workshops for both the leadership and the community. In our experience, being armed with critical information not only allows for informed decision making, it also brings factions in a community together. People lacking knowledge about an issue often feel powerless and therefore angry. Successful negotiations depend on developing a knowledgeable team.  

You may simply require research to file a Specific Claim, enter into negotiations with a ministry (or department) of highways, a power corporation or an oil or gas pipeline company and so on. We can do that as well. In addition, we prepare applications for funding in all areas and for numerous purposes.

At times negotiations may not result in a resolution of the matter at hand. We can assist your legal team in the litigation of the matter if required. Our team members have prepared numerous expert reports on various matters including aboriginal rights and title.

Why us?

Because we are a knowledgeable group with a total of more than thirty years experience in the following areas:

  • Treaty Negotiations
  • Impact Benefit Agreement Negotiations
  • Aboriginal Rights and Title expert reports (Including trapping, hunting and fishing)
  • Water Rights and Dams
  • Genealogies
  • Specific Claims preparation and negotiations
  • Rights of Way Research & Negotiations including highways, railways, oil and gas pipelines and hydro power
  • Litigation Support - research and expert reports
  • Workshops on various land matters (including all of the above)
  • Research & Report preparation on most issues 
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