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Workshops: Land Management Issues & Solutions

Workshops and Seminars for Chief & Council

LVB Strategic Negotiations & Research Group offers workshops on the topics described here on this site. We design the workshop around the needs of the First Nation or Tribal Council requesting it. These workshops are very different from land management courses in that we teach what is required to negotiate settlements for past and present grievances related to highways, railways, hydro lines, oil and gas pipelines etc. We also teach how to get the best return on the modern day permitting of reserve land. It is often an unrealized economic opportunity.

LVB Strategic Negotiations & Research Group can also provide these workshops to both parties in a dispute, thus assisting in the mediation of the issue at hand. A win-win solution could be arrived at once the facts are on the table and understood in their context. This of course depends upon whether or not industry is willing to arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement of the issue.  

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