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Litigation Support

Litigation Support - to document an historical issue

For over 30 years members of the LVB Strategic Negotiations & Research Group have provided research support to litigation teams selected by First Nations. We have experience working with legal counsel on Treaty and Aboriginal Rights and Title issues including hunting, fishing, trapping, the aboriginal right to wood and water rights, amongst other rights. We are also expert in on-reserve matters.

We conduct in-depth research in archives, and other repositories. We prepare carefully substantiated expert reports based upon government and church records, explorers accounts, Hudson's Bay Company and North West Company journals and ledger books, memoirs and journals, ships journals, RCMP records, ethnographic field notes and publications and so on. There are numerous bodies of documentation. We include old maps, plans and field notes. And of coarse we include Indian Affairs records.

Should you require research or report preparation regarding any of the above please contact Linda Vanden Berg at

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