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LVB Strategic Negotiations & Research Group Inc. 

First Nation Claim Issues - Research, Report Preparation, Negotiation Support

At LVB Strategic Negotiations & Research Group Inc. we focus on developing a knowledge base leading to a resolution of outstanding issues and the acquisition of a settlement for the past, present and future infringement of Aboriginal Rights & Title, Treaty rights and Indian Reserve Land issues. We prepare both short summary reports and where required detailed expert reports to assist in bringing about a remedy to these matters.

Research Reports

We research and prepare detailed reports on the following topics:

  • Aboriginal Rights and Title expert reports (Including trapping, hunting and fishing)
  • Water Rights and Dams
  • Genealogies
  • Specific Claims
  • Highways,
  • Railways,
  • Oil and gas pipelines and
  • Hydro power
  • Other 

The "At a Glance for Negotiations" Summary Report

We also prepare short summary reports on an issue - we have named these reports "At a Glance for Negotiations" reports in that they are useful in determining whether there is an issue to be negotiated as well as the key points to be addressed. For example, in determining just what is at issue on a highway traversing a reserve we obtain and analyze the legal instruments (if acquired by the province), survey plans, field note books etc. We examine the status of the road as it appears to be on paper versus what it actually is on the ground.  

The cost to prepare a summary report on an issue is $5,000 - it is an invaluable tool.

Additional information

Click on one or more of the headings located in the brown bar above for additional information; a number of relevant topics are included under the heading "More". Or you may choose to contact Linda Vanden Berg at 1-250-656-1050 (cell: 250-361-7114) or send a question to her at

Knowledge is power. It allows one to move forward from a position of strength. 

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